It’s all about online Education system need.

Our Education Solution Design

Without solving the core problems of the educational institute, there is no point in the implementation. To ensure that our solution solves the problem, and also improves on the older platforms is the key for future success and stability. Old Systems data needs to be exported into the new system and our team ensures that no data is lost and data integrity is maintained throughout the process. That platform is customized according to school's requirements and thus is full of features and functions that improve the workflow of the educational institute.

Education System Features

A-Tech Solutions offers many features that reflects on the major philosophy of the schools or colleges, but to really make education system useful to the schools is to provide implementation requirement to the school. Educational Institutes are evolving each day and to really make a generalized tool or platform for all of them can be a tough task.


Manage payrolls of teachers
and staff much mor professionally

Student Management

Student/Parent profile, database.
Student, classes and promotion

Expense Management

Record day to day expenses
and generate
records/reports on-demand.

Accounts Management

Chart of Account, Single Entry, Double Entry.
Generate Fees, Fee Voucher Posting in GL
Fee Receipt, Fee Receipt Posting in GL

SMS (Short Message Service)

Send SMS alerts to parent/teachers or students.
Option to integrate multiple SMS, APIs or Modem, Draft, SMS log

Other Features


Send emails to parent/teachers or students.
with Option to integrate different Email
accounts also maintain Email log.


The system allows conducting of examinations, grade students, generate report cards.
There can b separate exam setup (e.g. yearly, quarterly or custom)


The system is multi-school/multi-role/multi-user based.
The administrator has capability to create users with different roles, create custom roles and manage multiple institutes/branches from one location.


Supplier information, Book information
Book List, Book issue, Book return,
Barcode Print.

Hostel Management

Manage you hostel, allocate rooms
to students, assign beds, and generate reports.